Kumera Anode Furnace

Blister copper, the product of converters, is refined in the anode furnace before it is cast in anodes for final refining by copper electrolysis. The treatment in the anode furnace includes both oxidation and reduction. Residual sulphur is oxidized to gas, iron and nickel to slag. During the oxidation stage a part of the copper is oxidized. This oxidized copper is reduced with natural gas, propane, LPG or heavy oil to the metal. The copper content of the product from the anode furnace is about 99%.

Benefits of the Kumera Anode Furnace

  • high capacity upto 650 ton/batch
  • very high energy efficiency due to Kumera drive train
  • lowest maintenance costs
  • low operation costs
  • rigid construction for severe conditions
  • great number of installations all over the world 
Kumera Anode Furnace_Benefits of the Kumera Anode Furnace

Capacity and Operation of the Kumera Anode Furnace

The batch capacities of Kumera Anode Furnaces are between 100-650 tons and the drum diameters from 3.5 m up to 4.5 m. The length varies approximately between 6 m and 15 m.

The furnace mouth for Kumera Anode Furnaces is supplied with water-cooled cooling elements to increase the life-time and to enhance the operability of the mouth. The mouth is covered by a pneumatically operated hatch to minimize heat radiation, emission and fuel consumption and air leakage inside Kumera Anode Furnaces.

Kumera Anode Furnaces can be supplied with burners and porous plugs.

In case a substantial amount of solid scrap is to be melted and refined, a specially designed Kumera Anode Furnace can be supplied. 


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