Cement Industry

Cement Industry Harsh conditions and dusty environments are typical cases where gear units operate in the cement industry. Over 100 years Kumera has supplied gear units and components that operate in a top condition for years and years to add value to our customers’ processes in the cement industry Cement Industry • Vertical Roller mill […]

Water – Environment

Water – Environment Environment technology and water treatment are critical processes to maintain our daily life and support environment’s wellbeing. We at Kumera have put special development efforts to ensure the best technical solutions to environmentally friendly drives. Water & Environment processes • Surface aerators• Pump drives• Mixer drives• Sewage press drives• Waste kiln drive […]


Cranes Loading and unloading material is 24/7 process where efficiency and reliability play an important role. Kumera’s high efficiency and user friendly gear units are ideally designed for all the crane drive applications needs. Cranes drives • Main hoist• Boom hoist• Trolley travel drive• Crane travel drives• Drop in replacements and components for all bands  […]

Material Handling

Material Handling Kumera is a well known supplier of wide range of conveyor gear units for all industries where material needs to be moved efficiently. Now with our heavy duty Keller line engineered products, we can offer the most demanding and largest material handling gear units needed. Material Handling • Helical and Bevel-helical gear unit […]

Rubber & Plastic

Rubber & Plastic Optimizing large drives to match customer’s process needs is something we do in Kumera every day. Large drives for Rubber and Plastic processes are typical examples where gearing optimization provides added value for end user’s process efficiency. Rubber & Plastic processing • Calander drives• Extruder gear units• Kneader / Mixer drives• Tailor […]

Sugar Processing

Sugar Processing Utilizing Kumera’s high technology knowledge we can offer special drive packages for sugar beet and cane high torque applications. Our units are running on almost all the sugar factories in Europe and USA ensuring smooth operations in the most demanding process drive points. Sugar processing • Sugar extraction tower drives• Sugar beet press […]

Metal Industries

Metal Industries Kumera’s metal and steel industry heritage comes from the German based Keller brand, which has over 100 years of experience in these applications. Our metal industry product offering includes standard product line products from couple of kilowatts running power up to multiple megawatts and to gear units that weights up to 200 tons. […]

Mining & Minerals

Mining & Minerals All Kumera’s standard products, special units and individual geared components are engineered in total cost of operation principle to provide best reliability for mining and minerals drives. Mining • Complete gear units and geared parts• Retrofits and new installations• Overland conveyor drives• Bucket wheel excavator drives• Travel drives• Loose pinion and wheels […]

Pulp, Paper & Wood Handling

Pulp, Paper & Wood Handling Kumera offers world class solutions for all wood, pulp and paper processing industry applications. Starting from small conveyor drives to the largest high power chippers and customized integral roll drives. Wood handling • Complete line of wood yard conveyor drives• Debarking drums• Chippers Paper, Board and Tissue • Drives for […]