Clarifier and Thickener Drives

Reduced weight

Optimized force flows and simple structure enable mass reduction up to 50 % compared to conventional designs.

Increased lifting capacity

Heavy-duty spherical thrust bearings provide outstanding lifting capacity despite compact dimensions.
• Lifting capacity from 30 tons up to 200 tons

Kumera Clarifier and Thickener Drives. Kumera Decanter Drives

Compact speed reducer

2-stage planetary speed reducer is accompanied with standard primary gearbox for vast ratio selection.

  • Ratios from 224:1 to 144000 : 1
  • Nominal torques from 100 kNm to 800 kNm


Increased lifting distance

Due to unique design longer axial strokes are available.

  • Stroke from 300 mm up to 1000 mm

Torque support

Two torque supports connected by torsion bar allow full self-alignment of speed reducer.


Ease of maintenance

Sliding motion during axial movement occurs outside gearbox in standard spherical plain bearings. Not inside housing requiring costly spare parts. 

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Kumera Clarifier and Thickener Drives. Kumera Decanter Drives