Kumera Bucket Excavator

The dewatering Kumera Bucket Excavators are used for excavation of granulated material from a pit, full of water. Dewatering starts as the material leaves the water level and continues until the discharge of the material into a feed chute.

Benefits of the Kumera Bucket Excavator

  • suitable for wide range of granulated materials
  • effective dewatering during transportation of materials
  • maintenance friendly
  • robust construction
  • bespoke design for each application
  • low CAPEX and COPEX figures
  • service available through worldwide service centers 

Kumera Bucker Excavators and retractive hoist system consisting of two units in a common water cooling pit, are extra heavy duty design for the specified capacity.

The drive is located at the top end of the Excavators.

The equipment will be designed to be complete and ready for installation on a foundation and support steel construction furnished by others.

The Excavators will be installed on an inclined position (approximately 62 degrees to the horizontal). In operation the lower part of the equipment is submerged in the granulation pit, about 6.5 m under the water level. The total vertical lift of the retractive hoist is approximately 8 m. The submerged equipment is subjected to hot, corrosive and abrasive conditions of liquid and granules.

The buckets will be designed to dig into the granules without permanent deformation or damage. They are self-draining of water and designed for quick and easy replacement.

Components are designed for loading capacity based on the buckets being filled to 100% volume. 


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