Kumera Roll Crusher

Kumera Roll Crushers are specifically designed for breaking down agglomerated dust from an electrostatic precipitator and a waste heat boiler.

Benefits of the Kumera Roll Crusher

  • reliable Kumera drive system
  • effective operation
  • high capacity: 35 t/h
  • robust construction
  • low maintenance requirements
  • low CAPEX and COPEX figures 
Kumera Roll Crusher_Benefits

Crushers are of heavy duty design and therefore suitable for crushing hot and abrasive materials. This is achieved by using water-cooled rotors, external bearing supports and appropriate construction materials.

Crushers fulfil the requirements to be used for a non-ferrous smelting process for breaking dust agglomerates from a waste heat boiler.

Crushers are supplied as complete functional and operational units incorporating all necessary auxiliary equipment. 


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