Kumera Rotary Holding Furnace

Kumera Rotary Holding Furnaces are operated in the TSL (Top Submerged Lance) process, where copper matte and slag are tapped together into the furnace. In the process, the matte is settled to lower part of the furnace and slag is separated to upper part of the furnace from the matte. For a sufficient holding period of time provided by the interior volume of the furnace, the matte is tapped through a tapping hole and the slag is skimmed through a slag spout to ladles for further treatment. Burners are installed on the rotary furnaces to keep the melt hot, minimizing the frozen of magnetite.

Kumera Rotary Holding Furnaces are normally dimensioned between diameter from 3 to 5 meter, and length from 7 to 16 meter, and equipped with sophisticated drive system and support rolling structure. 

Benefits of the Kumera Rotary Holding Furnace

  • high operation efficiency
  • robust construction
  • high energy efficiency due to the Kumera drive train
  • safe operation
  • worldwide references 
Kumera Rotary Holding Furnace_Benefits of the Kumera Rotary Holding Furnace


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