Kumera Marine AS, Hjelseth

Kumera Marine AS in Hjelseth has excellent know-how on integrated propulsion solutions for a wide range of vessels. Our solutions and experiences cover each individual aspect of the system – efficient and optimized propellers, reliable gearboxes and control systems for flexible and safe vessel operation.

– Propeller design optimized to vessel requirements and operational profile ensuring the highest efficiency
– Engine power up to 4500 kW
– Propeller diameter up to 4500 mm
– Open and nozzle propellers
– 3- and 4-bladed

Control Systems
– Cost-effective and flexible solutions in setups adapted to vessel requirements
– When selecting a solution and make, our main focus is:
• Reliability
• Cost/benefit
• Maneuverability

– Type and make selected on the based of what is most suitable for the vessel
– Pitch control system selections:
• with built-in servo
• with mounted OD-box and HPU
– 2-speed solution
– Hybrid gearboxes
– PTO/PTI selections

After Sales Service
– Startup and installation services
– Maintenance services
– Short delivery time for original spare parts
– 24/7 on-call service

Kumera Marine AS, Hjelseth

Baklivegen 11-13
Tel: +47 71 202 900
Email: helseth@helseth.no