Kumera Drives Oy

Kumera Drives Oy, located in Riihimäki, Finland, is the biggest gearbox manufacturing facility in Kumera Power Transmission Group. The operations have full production capabilities from production of gear components to heat treatment, assembly and testing. In the engineering department R&D projects are carried out constantly with dedicated resources while the extensive product engineering organization supports the sales and production of customer tailored applications.

Kumera Drives is ISO9001 certified and all products fulfill the requirements of international standards such as DIN, ISO and AGMA.

Kumera Drives is the parent company of Kumera Power Transmission Group. The expertise of Kumera Drives is focused on pulp and paper, mining and mineral industries. Understanding the requirements for drives in the process industry, combined with innovative R&D operations, has kept us as one of the major players in the power transmission sector in the world. One goal of all our operations is to improve the customers´ efficiency in their processes by using innovative power transmission solutions.

We are carrying out our product development work in close collaboration with our customers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), research institutes and end-users. This cooperation enables us to adapt the latest technology and new demands set for power transmission equipment.

Kumera Drives Oy

Kumerankatu 2
Tel: +358 20 755 4200
Email: drives@kumera.com