Propeller System Applications

Kumera Marine AS in Hjelseth is a highly specialized propeller manufacturer, operating in modern facilities close to Molde in north-western Norway. Since the first Helseth propulsion system was installed in a fishing boat in 1912, our company has gained a profound knowledge of how to produce long-lasting propulsion systems. Today we serve a wide variety of small and medium-sized professional vessels such as cargo and passenger vessels, ferries, tankers, work boats, high-speed vessels, fishing vessels and offshore vessels. Helseth is a part of the Kumera Marine AS – Marine Division of Kumera Corporation.

The core design and manufacturing programme comprises adjustable pitch and controllable pitch propellers with diameters of up to 4400 mm, and up to 4500 kW engine power. Shafts and stern tubes are normally part of the supply. We are also able to deliver complete propulsion packages including reduction gears and control systems.

Helseth designers and engineers are continuously involved in R&D projects to maintain our position as a leader in the field of propeller system design. 

Mechanical design

We use both 2D and 3D CAD tools for the design and modelling of our propeller systems. The three-dimensional visualization and animation capability of the design process ensures precision, and eliminates assembly problems in new systems. 

Stress-analysis of Highly Loaded Components

3- dimensional CAD modelling facilitates the stress-analysis of our propeller systems. This analysis is done using the FE software, Ansys, to eliminate stress and fatigue problems in new designs. The use of FEA helps us reducing propeller weight without compromising on strength and lifetime.


All propeller blades are tailor-made for each project in order to give the optimum propeller for each and every ship. Propeller blade design is based on leading computer software, and perfected by Helseth’s long experience in manufacturing propellers.

Sales, Service and Maintenance

We at Kumera are happy to serve customers world-wide. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us in any gearbox related issues.


  • High efficiency – Minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • Modular structure – The ability of adding additional equipment and variety of mounting arrangements
  • Several gearbox sizes and wide range of ratios – Guarantees optimal gearbox size
  • Flexible product structure – Easy to customize for the customer needs 

After Sales Services

  • Start-up and installation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Regular inspection visits
  • Maintenance consulting services 

Marine Gearboxes, Propellers & Propulsions and Applications