Service and Original Spare parts

Kumera gearboxes are sturdy high-quality products, which will operate flawlessly for decades, if maintained properly. Many Kumera gearboxes delivered in the 1960s and 1970s are still in operation.

Although a gearbox is exposed to high loads, often in hostile environments, maintenance requirements for a Kumera gearbox are limited and simple.

Key issues to maintain in the shorter term, i.e. first two-three years, are oil quality and seals and gaskets.

After five to ten years of operation, larger parts such as bearings and clutches should be considered for maintenance.

An important issue to note is that, for front-end gearboxes, which may have limited operational hours, the in-shaft will always turn as long as the main engine runs.

Kumera will always be supportive in considering the corrective maintenance steps for your gearbox, based on the operation and maintenance history.

Kumera tracks all gearboxes by serial no. and IMO number, and the gearboxes maintained by Kumera will have their maintenance histories logged in the Kumera system. 

Kumera Marine AS (in Hjelseth) Service provides world-wide repair, service and maintenance for marine gearboxes and propeller systems.

Our service minded team is ready to provide you with parts, engineering skills and technical advice

  • Being part of your preventative maintenance ensuring optimal operation of the gears by regular inspections and planned service
  • Serving a wide range of industries world-wide
  • Having a well-stocked spare-parts department of original parts. Utilising air-freight from our nearby feeder airport to ensure fast deliveries to any location in the world

Our services include

  • Service contracts
  • Condition analysis/monitoring and preventive maintenance by help of endoscopy, vibration analysis and thermography.
  • Laser alignment
  • Overhauls
  • Modernizations and replacements
  • Assembly of gear services
  • Design and development
  • Training
  • Consulting services

Kumera Marine Gearbox & Propeller Service Centers

Kumera Marine Gearbox Service Norway
Phone: +47 952 46 460

Kumera Marine Propeller Service Norway
Phone: +47 900 53418
Urgent matters (24/7): +47 900 53418

Kumera Marine Gearbox Service Germany
Phone: +49 2241 988 – 0

Kumera Marine Gearbox Service China
Phone: +86 137 7196 9428

Sales, Service and Maintenance

We at Kumera are happy to serve customers world-wide. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us in any gearbox related issues.

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