One Stage Bevel Gearboxes

The KA and RA gearbox series are specially designed for fast rotating shafts such as pump applications. One stage bevel gearboxes are normally used when the shaft line has to be turned to a 90 degrees angle. The gearbox housing design allows both horizontal and vertical shafts. The range includes 10 gearbox sizes, which are optimally divided to meet required torque ranges and ratio requirements. High accuracy spiral bevel gears can be manufactured either with lapped or ground teeth depending on the rotation speed and load conditions. The gearbox can be easily connected to a central lubrication system or gearboxes can be delivered with a separate lubrication unit.

 Technical data:

  • Nominal torque rating 1 – 35 kNm
  • Nominal power rating up to 2 650 kW
  • 18 catalogue gear ratios from 1,0 :1 to 7,1:1
  • 10 gearbox sizes
  • Solid (type KA) and hollow (Type RA) output shafts
  • Weights from 55 kg to 2400 kg 

 KA- and RA-series are a perfect choice for:

  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Off-shore industry
  • Mining and mineral industry 
Kumera One Stage Bevel Gearboxes. Kumera KA- and RA-series
Kumera One Stage Bevel Gearboxes. Kumera KA- and RA-series


  • Paper Machine Drives
  • Pulper Drives
  • Vacuum Pump Drives
  • Blowers
  • Pumps
  • Flooding pump stations 

Kumera F-, G-, D- Bevel Gearbox series can be equipped with:

  • Mechanical fan cooler
  • Back stop
  • Water cooling coil
  • Heating element
  • Shaft end pump
  • Built-in axial thrust bearing
  • Remote condition monitoring: Kumera Guard Gear. 
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  • Shaft line is turned to a 90 degrees angle
  • High efficiency – minimizing power loss and saving energy
  • 10 gearbox sizes guarantee an optimal gearbox size – no need for over-dimensioning
  • 24/7 gearbox configuration at Power-Plaza serving engineers worldwide 

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