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We still know little about our own planet. Especially the sea-floor is in large parts unmapped. It is said that we know more of the moons surface than we know of the ocean floors. Humanity is curious and exploration is deeply rooted in our nature. It is vital that we have a good understanding of our home planet to help aim ourselves in the benefit of us all.

Maritime scientists have set an ambitious goal regarding the mapping of our ocean floors. The project is an operation of Ocean Infinity – a seafloor analysis and oceanography company. The target is set to be achieved by 2030. The operation will be carried out by building an automated “Armada“ – fleet of robotic ocean faring vessels. The Armada fleet will be used, among other things, for bottom mapping, search for missing vessels and inspection of pipes and electrical cables on the seabed. The fleet will be 100 % diesel-electric powered.

Kumera – Helseth has been chosen to manufacture state-of-the-art propellers to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the fleet. These vessels are fitted with Helseth twin screw propulsion directly coupled to electrical motors (i.e. no gearbox). The project scope includes adjustable pitch propellers (APP), stern tubes, thrust bearings and flexible couplings for electric motors and rudders, rudder tubes and steering machines among other details according to Mr. Torgeir Markhus, General Manager of Kumera-Helseth, Norway.

The solution is carefully designed and optimized to suit the vessel operations and based on Helseth’s long experience with propulsion solutions for workboats. We at Kumera – Helseth are proud to contribute in the world’s scientific community!


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