Kumera Technology Center

Main Products of Kumera Technology Center

Anode Furnace

Bucket Excavators

Peirce-Smith Converter

Steam Dryer

Heat Recovery Steam Dryer

Roll Crusher

Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary Holding Furnace

Kumera Technology Center (KTC), is a liaison part of Kumera Technology Division, and includes research & development, engineering and project management units of the Kumera Corporation.

Main Equipment of Kumera Technology Center

  • Kumera Steam Dryer
  • Kumera Heat Recovery Dryer
  • Converters, Anode Furnaces and Drive Systems
  • Rotary Dryers
  • Bucket Excavators and Roll Crushers
  • Environmental Technology
  • Kiln Maintenance Service
Kumera Technology Center_KTC

For copper, nickel, and other mineral and metallurgical industries KTC is a leading worldwide supplier of process equipment and process modernization services.

KTC provides the complete technology chain. This covers R&D, engineering, project management and project implementation in conjunction with marketing and in-house equipment manufacturing at Kumera Machinery. 

Clean Coal

Kumera’s proven and efficient steam drying technology is also very well suited for upgrading lignite and other low rank coals. Decreasing the moisture content of low rank fuels improves power plant efficiency, thus, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Kumera Technology Center is committed to supplying reliable, proven, state-of-the-art technological solutions that benefit our customers with real value addition and increased profit via:

improved availabiliity,

  • improved energy efficiency,
  • reduced operational cost,
  • reduced environmental footprint. 


Tel: +358 20 755 4200
Email: technology@kumera.com 

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Main Products of Kumera Technology Center

Kumera Technology Center