Power Plaza – Portal online de seleção de engrenagens

Power Plaza – Online Gearbox Selection Portal Kumera Power-Plaza is the online market place for Kumera mechanical transmission products and associated spare parts. Power-plaza.com speeds up the process of requesting for quotations. www.power-plaza.com  Previous Next  Kumera Power-Plaza: Use the Power-Plaza.com for Online gearbox configuration Creating 3D models and CAD drawings Identification of spare parts Online […]

Guard Gear – Monitoramento de condição

Guard Gear – Condition Monitoring The most optimal maintenance strategy is condition-based maintenance. For the most critical machines, online condition monitoring gives more reliability and service actions can be taken only when needed. In many industrial processes gearboxes are often critical components. As a forerunning gearbox manufacturer, we at Kumera Drives have developed a gearbox […]

Componentes engrenados

Geared Components Kumera is a manufacturer and service provider of mechanical power transmission equipment. In addition to industrial gearboxes we produce geared parts and components. Parts are manufactured according to customers? drawings or samples as single or serial production. We provide engineering know-how, quality materials and heat-treatment processes for the production of geared parts and […]

Acoplamentos de engrenagem

Gear Couplings Construction and operating characteristics CUMEX standard gear couplings are designed for usage in a wide range of industrial applications. High torque capacity and compact design are applicable for many installations where a robust and reliable operation is required. The couplings compensate radial and angular misalignments as well as axial movements with weak restorative […]

Engrenagens personalizadas

Custom Built Gearboxes Customized and Tailor-Made Industrial Gearboxes and Drives Kumera is a world-wide industrial gearbox manufacturer of innovative gearboxes and related services, and is able to meet power transmission needs in selected industries. In addition to our wide standard product range, we can offer customized and tailor-made industrial gearboxes and drives. During decades, one […]


Worm Gearboxes The Covera worm gearbox series is designed especially for non-continuous operation. Thanks to its Concave ? Convex tooth profile it can take higher peakloads than conventional profiled worm gears. The reason Covera tooth profile is stronger than a conventional worm tooth profile is that the surface pressure is spread on large area causing […]

Engrenagens de agitador

Agitator Gearboxes Kumera SF-, SG-, E-Series – High External Loads Gearbox Range The SF-, SG-, E-gearbox series are specifically designed for vertical shaft applications for high external loads. These ranges include in total 30 gear unit sizes, which are optimally divided to meet required torque ranges, ratios and shaft end load requirements. The output shaft, […]

Engrenagens cónicas de um estágio

One Stage Bevel Gearboxes The KA and RA gearbox series are specially designed for fast rotating shafts such as pump applications. One stage bevel gearboxes are normally used when the shaft line has to be turned to a 90 degrees angle. The gearbox housing design allows both horizontal and vertical shafts. The range includes 10 […]

Engrenagens helicoidais de um estágio

One Stage Helical Gearboxes Kumera LX-Series – Versatile Gearbox Range Kumera LX-gearbox series is specifically designed for fast rotating shafts such as roll applications. The range includes 16 gear unit sizes which are optimally divided to meet required torque ranges and ratio requirements. Integrated lubrication canals and gear wheels manufactured with high accuracy have resulted […]

Engrenagens helicoidais e cónico-helicoidais multiestágio

Multi Stage Helical and Bevel-Helical Gearboxes Kumera F-, G-, D- Series- Multipurpose Gearbox Range Kumera Multi Stage Helical and Bevel-Helical gearbox range includes 20 gearbox sizes from two- to five-stages. The range consist of F-, G- and D-series which are optimally divided to meet the torque and ratio requirements. All the sizes are available in […]