Kumera Getriebe GmbH

Kumera Getriebe GmbH a fully owned subsidiary of Kumera Corporation continues the long tradition of production in gear technology of Carl und Wilhelm Keller GmbH & Co. KG established in the year 1901.

The company has been developing its expertise close to none in many application sectors counted from open pit mining, ship building and dredging and in metals industries. The massive numbers of highly demanding projects carried out throughout the world laid basis for absolute reliable solution where heavy duty and heavy weight gearboxes up to 300 t and their related components are needed.

Kumera offers transmission solutions from a single source. We design, produce, repair, maintain and optimise with the highest know-how and long term experience in heavy duty individually manufacture custom-made gearboxes.

Due to the most modern methods in gear technology and in its realization with state of the art machineries and testing facilities, Kumera offers also highest quality standards known in the industry. We always work quickly and with absolute precision. This this is how we can guarantee our customers an optimum price-performance ratio.

– Our portfolio includes the design and manufacture of gear wheels with diameters of up to 4.0 m and, based on these, the development and production of innovative transmission units weighing up to 300 tonnes.

– We transmit power in many industries where heavy duty and heavy weight power transmissions units are in operation. Our most heaviest unit weighs 300 tonnes. Examples are in the cement, sugar, steel, plastics, opencast mining, shipbuilding and chemicals industries, as well as in different kinds of power plants.

– For all these sectors, we produce unique gearing components. Kumera has large operation for maintenance and upgrading existing gearboxes independent on their original makers. The service operation is 24/7 basis and supported by our Competent Service Centers in Austria, Nordic countries, China, Chile, and around of other industrialized continents.

In our service portfolio our gearing and drive experts are also available for consulting the most optimum drive solutions, which are beyond of our customers’ core knowledge.

Kumera Getriebe GmbH

Bonner Strasse 38
Tel: +49 2241 988-0
Email: kumera.getriebe@kumera.com